Sunday, May 27, 2012

Night Mode

Int 1

Friday, May 25, 2012

Ready for action

Car is looking pretty good. Decided to get a couple of pics since I'm sure it will look like this for about a week before it becomes beat to shit again. 


Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Now it was time for allignment. To fit the overfenders I had to adjust my camber and toe. It was so messed up from me messing with it, the car was barely diveable. Driving to Xander's work the rear end of my car was floating around. It was actually difficult to go in a straight line and at times my tires were squealing because of my crazy toe. I finally made it xander's work and on the rack after a pretty nervous drive.

The last time we alligned my car we did it without me sitting in the drivers seat so it was pretty off. This time I sat in the car and we got a much better allignment. Its still not perfect but it was way better than before. And we couldn't get zero camber because of my fitment but its close enough. Driving back home I messed around a bit and I could tell that it had more traction. Looking forward to trying it out at the oval. Here are the numbers:

Ice cream paint job

After installing the over fenders it was finally time for paint. I also had to paint my new bumper, side skirt and the new door to replace the one mauled by the civic. Thanks to Matt for painting all my stuff.  Click the link for more boring paint pics
Everything laid out, sanded and washed off.



So I finally decided to get a better suspension setup. After going to 100 Drifter of December I was pretty tired of only using about 1/3rd of my tires and having to flip them over.  After that event my brand new federals were completely worn out on both sides but the middle was still brand new. And even though my car has always felt fast enough for me, the added traction would really help me suck up to people while tandeming. But to have zero camber I would need to cut out my fenders and get overs. After eyeballing up my car I figured zero camber would bring my wheels out by about an inch so I began looking for 30mm overs. I ended up getting some bmagic 30mm rears. Click the link below for some install pics. 


First day out (5-20-12)

With my car being finished it was time to take it to the oval and see how fast I could ruin it.  Tyler had already fixed his cressida and we wanted to do some 1j tandem.  Here are some pics thanks to Dee.


Car gets finished

Long story short after spending hours making a nice tucked and shortened harness we put it all back together and the car would start but it wouldn't fire all the coils. It was only running on two cylinders. We couldn't figure it out so I ended up buying a brand new uncut jzz30 harness. We rigged it all up with all the wiring outside the car with the ecu sitting on the windshield.  This new harness fixed the problem. Here is how it looked when I took it for a test drive around the neighborhood. I was getting some pretty confused looks. 


Then a few days later we finished up the wiring. Tucked it up as best as we could. Doesn't look as clean as our old harness but it works.


April Days

Car has been done for a while now. I just haven't updated this in a long time. To start off here is a video and some pics of a drift day we had in April. This was right before my car got done. First time we had tandem accident at the oval.  Thanks to Dee for making a video and taking some pics.