Saturday, January 28, 2012


Been working on my car the last few weeks. Big thanks to Matt for doing tubs and Xander for tackling the crazy wiring. Here are some progress shots. This is the engine harness after we started removing all of the unnecessary wires and plugs. That box is all just wiring from the engine harness. Also took the plunge and made the cuts for the tubs.

Tubs are completed. Engine bay ready for paint. Took forever to tape all that stuff off.

Engine bay after paint and the headlight harness is complete. I regret not taking a good before photo of the wiring in the engine bay. The difference is a amazing. Instead of a gigantic harness that went through the firewall on the drivers side, wrapped around the front of the car, went to the big ass fusebox and then back into the firewall on the passenger side, it has been reduced to this. The only other wires besides the engine harness that will come through here are the fan wires, alternator and starter wires.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winter Cleanup.

Well its that time of the year to pull the car apart. Although this is my first time doing a winter "build". Just cleaning up the car a bit, nothing major. Mostly redoing the wiring and making the engine bay a lot cleaner.